GS-Anniversary pen pals?

    I just stumbled on this site yesterday, and have been reading through postings.  Great site!  And great information!  Glad to know I’m not alone in my shorthand interests.  A few months ago I picked up a copy of Gregg-Anniversary from my college library (last checked out in the early 50s(!)), and have been hooked ever since.  I’ve been working my way through a number of dictation and speed drill books, and practicing writing a bit each day.  My reading proficiency is very good now, and my writing is pretty decent (not all that fast, and not great handwrighting, but definitely improving on both fronts). 
    At this stage, I’m really interested in adding a more interactive approach to my learning.  Out of curiosity, do folks on this site ever trade writing samples (besides the ones I’ve seen posted to the site)?  Is anyone interested in pen-pal learning/practicing?  Let me know if so.  Either way, looking forward to joining in the conversation.
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(by A for everyone)

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  1. Hi Glenn:

    Welcome to the group! We used to have a Penpals list on the site, but with the move to Multiply, I still have to find a way to carry over that information. And a lot of the Penpals have disappeared from the map too! I will start a new Penpal thread, with some basic information. Once we have a number of people join in, we can create a table.


  2. i’m in for a pen pal!  writes intermediate DJS fearlessly but with plenty of mistakes (finished both “college DJS” books); reads most variants, even Anni

  3. proposal: in the spirit of the “never-ending tale,” we might do an improvised “thousand and one nights” without the naughty bits, of course. i could kick it off with a quatrain or two from Omar Khayyam and a couple of paragraphs, then post it here for anyone to continue in any school of Gregg. Rinse and repeat ad lib. Sort of a public penpalling. What do you think, Carlos? Would that be an appropriate and good use of the site?

    1. I'm worried that someone mid-chain will procrastinate. (Not me. Nope. Just some other hypothetical person.)

      I like the idea of A Thousand and One Nights, if we're thinking of the same one. The stories can be told out of order.

      I use a blend of Simplified and DJS. I don't know if this would tempt me into learning to read Anniversary.

      In related news, Storytelling Toronto has far surpassed 1001 nights over 40 years of their open-mic storytelling series. Performing there is on my bucket list.

      1. The whole idea is to practice shorthand, so the order of the stories really doesn't matter. And even if it is just a few paragraphs of a story, that is fine too. This exercise is also a good way to improving vocabulary, as well as practice your penmanship. I would really like to see people write!

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