130wpm Gregg Shorthand Dictation – Introduction to Gregg

This is a short (2 minute) dictation of the introductory paragraph of the shorthand website “gregg.angelfishy.net”. It talks a little bit about the history of the Gregg writing system– the one that I am using in this dictation.

Writing at this speed for me is pushing my abilities, and you can see later in the dictation it takes its toll and I make several errors.

(by Michael
for everyone)


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  1. My relatives are making fun of me for my recent passion: learning Gregg Shorthand. We even had a big fight about it at the holiday dinner table. Imagine that… But, I sent them this movie, and they were sufficiently impressed. They keep their mouths shut now. Gregg Shorthand rocks!

  2. They assumed I'm stupid before they knew my reasons, which I never did give them, since they did not deserve to hear them. I took offense at their knee-jerk attitude and that started it… I hadn't wanted my dad to mention it; I told him, "Don't tell my sister and her family about my latest avocation." But he forgot and brought it up. Then the interrogation began. My sister and brother-in-law didn't even let me reply, the battery of questions just came at me so fast and heavy, which I predicted. In the end, I didn't bother to defend Gregg to them. My replies were directed toward their attitude toward me, which I think was the right way to go. It's kind of sad, actually.

  3. Yet they expect the LEAST you can do is take dictation at whatever rate of speed and read just as fast.
    My mom made me feel really special the other day when she let out this cuddly compliment:

    "You've spent a whole year on it, yet you still read like a 5 year old" (roughly translated from Russian).

    To my credit, I was reading "Wits and wags" at the back of the Gregg Writers so there was little context I could rely on to be able to have smooth reading.

  4. My family may not understand, but any learning is good learning, unless it interferes with other things you should be doing, or is something actually evil. They may get bored if that's all I talk about, but they'd rather I learn something than watch soaps all day.

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