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It’s been a long time since I last became interested in learning shorthand (Last time was somewhere around August and September of last year). I recently had a sudden craving for shorthand, and so I dug up my old DJS manual. Now I’m facing a new problem: how to re-start learning shorthand. I’m fairly sure that I remember most brief forms(I read most of them with great ease), and I’m very certain that I remember the outlines well.
I’ll try re-studying the recall chapters and see what happens from there.
Also, I’m hoping to finish my Gregg studies this year. It has been two years since I first started with the book. In that span of time, I could have easily finished the book and have gained an admirable speed, but with school in the way and me being a complete sloth, I failed to do so.
Off-topic: It looks like the people here are still doing well. I’m glad you people are still here If anyone can remember (I doubt it) I was Zekiel back in the old boards.

(by k for everyone)

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