Technical book on Ebay

There’s an interesting looking “Chemical & Technical Stenography” in Gregg on Ebay right now. Published 1947, apparently.
Not my year, but I know Michael in Oz was interested in tech books.

(by sidhetaba for everyone)

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  1. Interesting. I recently acquired a previously unknown (to me) Gregg book, in the Diamond Jubilee series, entitled "The Technical Secretary: Terminology and Transcription." The content is largely chemical and mechanical/engineering, so it may be the successor to the book you located. The authors of my book are Adams and Kurtz, and it was published in 1968.


  2. Wow, it does look very interesting. I tried bidding up to 15 dollars but the exchange rate to Australian Dollars, combined with the postage makes it a fairly pricey affair to go much higher.
    I guess we'll see how the auction progresses.

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