Reading and dictation practice on Speed Study I

On the last sentence of Gregg Speed Studies 1929, it says: “I-am making her a (mede). Helen”
Is (mede) translated to mean (medley)?

(by mike for everyone)

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  1. In the 1916 Version of Graded Readings I came across "pongee" and I had to ask my instructor what that was. Apparently, it's a cloth material. She had had some article of clothing made out of it. I've never heard it used since.

  2. Aside from antiquated business phrases, the older Gregg texts use many words that have fallen out of English usage … or are uncommonly used today. Never would have figured "middy" or "pongee" without a transcription or a dictionary. Cross McBud's palm with silver!

    I would have thought "middy" shouyld be a mixed drink that no one has ever heard of today … sort of like the "Tom and Jerry" that Jerry and Palm North used to consume by the gallon (when not sipping martinis, gin of course) in the Lockridges' novels taking place during those harsh New York winters!

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