Gregg Shorthand 140wpm Dictation

Have a look at my new video. Unfortunately youtube’s processing doesn’t blend well with small thin lines because they try to turn up the contrast on the videos. Also I changed my username. The old one, “lghtlnphngrphfrth1e6” was supposed to be a play on “Light line phonography for the million” but no one got it instead thinking that I was a randomly generated computer spam bot or something. My new youtube username is “IhaveaKugelschreiber”. A Kugelschreiber is a ballpoint pen in German. Its the first word I learned in German, and is still my favourite word.

(by Michael
for everyone)

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  1. That's pretty neat! I was thinking of using one of your videos on my blog; ever since getting high-speed Internet a couple of months ago (and FINALLY being able to watch videos), I have been doing a little feature on my blog on my homepage called Video Pick of the Week, with links to some of my favorite videos and writing an accompanying article with background information. Right now I'm doing some television shows but in a couple of weeks I will be able to write something about shorthand, it's history, how I studied it in high school in the 70's and used it as a newspaper reporter, etc. Your video will be a perfect link! Actually I'd like to use the one with 130wpm where he is reading about how shorthand isn't used anymore, etc. I think that will be more interesting. Anyway, I will let you know when I post this blog. And thanks for posting the videos!

  2. Feel free to use the other one, because this one was badly encoded and its hard to see the lines clearly. Soon hopefully, I'll post another one using a fineliner so that the lines are more clearly distinguishable.

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