Gregg Shorthand Dictation 140wpm #2 — Tablet PC

This is a dictation of 4 minutes using a Tablet PC and Gregg Shorthand anniversary edition.
I was expecting a slower speed, but that was far from a problem. The major problem was the smoothness of the screen. This meant that it was easy to exaggerate strokes, and accentuates any difficulties I have with pen control.

On the brighter side, now you get to see clearly what I am writing. Yes… my longhand at speed is just as messy as my shorthand.

The dictation was recorded by me from Gregg Speed building for Colleges.

(by Michael
for everyone)


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  1. Wow. You made that look easy. You know, watching this, I can't help but wonder how hard it would be to create software that can read shorthand. The major problem with compact computers is the awkwardness of incorporating a keyboard. Shorthand is possibly the solution to this problem. Imagine an iPhone that could be used as a notepad in this way. That would be awesome!

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