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  1. Underneath the title "Gregg Shorthand" there is a list including "All Messages", "General" and "Anything Goes". Above the title is a list to the right with "Shop", "Post", "Invite", and "Search". When I click on "Post", I a page pops up with a section for "Add To My Site", and one for "Add to Gregg Shorthand".

    Then I click on the Blog icon and the posting page pops up.

    Is this the way it looks/does on everyone's screens, or is mine the Mac Safari version?

  2. To add a message, first you have to be a member of the group. Once approved, then you can click on Add to blog on the "All Messages" box. You can also do "Add to General" which is an area related to messages dealing with Gregg Shorthand, or to "Anything Goes" which are for all other messages.

  3. Multiply has a gazillion ways of looking at the same posts. The "Add to Blog" link isn't on the page you're starting from.

    Go to

    Half-way down on the left is "All Messages". "Add to Blog" is at the bottom of that box.

    What we used to call "starting a thread", Multiply calls a "blog entry". What we used to call "more comments in a thread", Multiply calls "replies".

    Click on the tags you want rather than typing them, otherwise we'll get "Anni" and "Anniv" and "Anniversary", and all the Anni threads will be scattered to the winds. (This might be closing the barn door after the horses left.)

  4. I can't find it at the moment but I seem to remember having seen on this site a request from somebody who wanted to know if anybody wanted to get together for "live" shorthand readings in London (England). Well, actually the IPS (Incorporated Phonographic Society) already does that – there are readings on Thursday night in term (semester) time between 6.30 pm and 8.00pm (of course the readings don't go on during the holidays (vacation). The first week is free though they do ask for a donation of a £1 per attendance subsequently (or you can do what I did and join the Society). It is not specifically for Gregg, I am myself a Pitman writer and other people do Teeline or Steno – but it is a chance to get some practice in. The readings are held at the Bishopsgate Institute in Bishopsgate (near Liverpool Street station) in London. Regards Pat O

  5. Hello guys, I am new to Shorthand, and trying to self teach my self. Can some 1 recommend me the ways as to where i should begin, which books i should use and also, practise methods of shorthand.

    Looking forward in hearing from you.

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