How do I …

have an expandable bookmark for a PDF file? Like the chapters breaking down into units on -neworm

(by mike for everyone)

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  1. Yes. I figured it out. Now, I want to add some Gregg Shorthand books to this site. I'm new to this uploading. How do I go about it? The two books are "Gregg Shorthand L.D.S. Vocabulary" by Harry W. Sundwall; "Shorthand Reading and Dictation Exercises" by Elderidge, Stickney, & Stickney.

  2. I'm having trouble with the javascript. I try to download from the documents section and Windows Live ID says I have to enable javascript (but I all ready enabled it). I'll have to look into this.

  3. Click on Home, scroll down to the Documents box, click on Add to Documents, put a title on the blog message entry, and insert the document by attaching it to the message. Before you post, choose the "documents" tag on the bottom.

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