Anyone else get frustrated when…

You finally get in the habit of using your shorthand. You need to make a note that’s long enough that you’re not at all worried about not having enough context. It has lots of brief forms.

And someone else has to read it?

(by Cricket for

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  1. This is exactly what happens any time a friend asks to look at part of my lecture notes. I'm happy to oblige, but I'm going to have to read them to you. And then they invariably try to see just how much they could have read on their own. I still use a mix of DJS and a set of abbreviations of my own design, so sometimes they can read the first half of a word in longhand and guess. But it's the Gregg that gets them — "That little shape means 'today'??"

  2. Sorry for adding this message here, but I couldn't find the option for posting in Multiply:
    "Due to Morse's Anniversary, today, Google has written its label in Morse Code.
    Would it be possible (what you think?) for Gregg's anniversary, submitted in shorthand?"

  3. I've resorted to writing in longhand what the note is about.
    I find it helps to know if it's a shopping list or a telephone message or whatever.
    And I write Simplified, so less brief forms, plus noone else has to read it but me, which makes it easier I guess.

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