Is there an answer key for Word and Sentence Drills?

I would like to check my answers against a key.

I don’t see a key in the book, nor have I found one online.
The links work as cut-and-paste, can’t get them to show up as clickable.  I’m sorry.
Does anyone know a key, either printed or online?
Thanks very much.

(by Shorthand-learner
for everyone)


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  1. Not as far as I know. Also, be aware that the 1922 edition of the Word and Sentence Drills is designed for the 1916 version of the manual (pre-anniversary). For Anniv, you will need the 1930 book.

  2. Mcbud, thanks. I'm using the Word and Sentence Drills with a Pre-Anni manual. The Word and Sentence Drills is the only beginner's workbook I've seen so far.

  3. Mcbud, thanks! The only copies I see for sale have writing in them. Do you know of a link to the book online? I've ordered this book through Interlibrary Loan, but it will take a couple of months, if they can get it.

  4. There is also the Progressive Exercises book for Pre-anniv and Anniv, which is really a workbook. It goes by the lessons of the manual.

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