The Handywrite whizkid

There’s a 13 year old posting impressive speeds of Handywrite shorthand these last few months.
His name is Jan but goes under ‘ocergnairb’ I wonder if he surfs this forum?

The major thing I noticed as a pose to my own studies, is that after 3 months he was having almost no gaps between words. He is learning Handywrite which has much less rules, but if you’ve seen his video,

you’ll be sufficiently impressed.

My personal experience with Handywrite was unfortunately not very good. It didn’t seem a very developed system, but if he keeps going much higher I might have to start retracting my words, or just using the genius excuse.

SOMETHING I’ve noticed myself though, is that you don’t lose your shorthand speed much even if you don’t do speed drills. For the last 4 months I’ve been doing no speed drills and only using shorthand here and there around half an hour a day, yet I can still watch my top 140 words per minute dictation and record it as fast as I ever could.

Like riding a bike!!!

(by Michael
for everyone)


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  1. Hello everyone –

    Haha, yes; I stumbled upon this forum and was pleased to find this post!
    It's me, Brian (not Jan ;)), the 'whiz-kid' from YouTube.
    Has this been posted by my friend from YouTube who does Anniversary videos?

    Thank you for your nice remarks!
    The Handywrite system can be developed and tweaked to be made faster.
    However, because I've kind of gotten "stuck" at the same speed, I haven't been doing much more.

    I am planning to switch to Anniversary Gregg now, but I will forever remember my Handywrite as the easy system which has broken me in and accustomed me to shorthand writing.
    I definitely recommend starting with Handywrite.

    Feel free to reply,

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