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  1. Interesting report. Notice that the conclusions are based on the students attaining 60 wpm on 5-minute takes and the conclusion is that average students can attain a usable business skill. That is true, probably 60wpm would have been fine for business offices in the 1960's.

    But I feel the survey ignores use of shorthand for reporting purposes. I would like to see the result of a study (had it taken place) of three groups: Anniversary, Simplified and DJS over a 2-year period. Initially I surmise the results would have been similar, but if the dictation speed were slowly brought up from 60 wpm to 140 wpm I believe you'd find the results significantly different, weighing heavily in favor of Anniversary and Simplified.

    What do you think?

  2. I think your recommendation of a two-year study of all three versions is a good one. I think the parameters of this study were too limited.

    I'm guessing that the initial speed of DJS is due to its being easier to grasp initially.

    From what I know, I must agree with you.

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