Shall we do something in honor of Mr. Gregg’s birthday?

What do you say to doing something here on the forum in honor of Mr. Gregg on June 17th?

There’s a lot that could be said about his legacy to the world.

(by Shorthand-learner
for everyone)


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  1. Have a write shorthand all day day. We just try to use every instance we can to write shorthand. We start of the day with our to do list in shorthand, phone messages in shorthand, shopping lists in shorthand. Take dictation in shorthand. Copy text in shorthand. Write in our journal in shorthand. If we write out a check, the memo section is in shorthand. [of course if you can do this, if you need to be able to read it and you can't read your shorthand yet, then you can skip that.]

    How about also show others our shorthand?
    Such as…
    Write shorthand in public.
    Maybe with a manual that is large enough for others to see. Or prop up the Anniversary edition.
    Maybe go to a cafe or deli or some place like that. How about a library?

    How about buying a white t-shirt an a sharpie marker or fabric marker and writing something in shorthand and wearing that.

    I guess this public demonstration could be done on Shorthand day… but also on Mr. Gregg's b-day…

  2. June 13th was International Knit in Public day. Groups from around the world met to knit in public and "spread the word".

    That's a great idea, Debbiavon, writing or studying shorthand in public.

    Take your crochetting, too.

    I'll take my knitting!


  3. Shorthand in public is a good idea!

    How about if we post things on the forum that we know is the legacy of Mr. Gregg?

    Either things that have benefited us personally, or that have benefited others, or society….

    I'll try to think of something catchy to put on my car, or a flag.

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