Honoring Mr. Gregg, today, June 17th, the anniversary of his birth….

I’ve been enjoying this book by Mr. Gregg this morning,

A small treatise to young teachers on teaching shorthand.
A lovely example of his kindness, perspicacity, and charm.
Wishing you all a happy celebration of Mr. Gregg’s birthday!

(by Shorthand-learner
for everyone)


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  1. This is a good quote from "The Teaching of Shorthand" by JRG:

    'If I were to be asked for what I consider the most important habit a teacher should cultivate I should say, " Do not talk too much. Speak only when it is necessary. If you" can, direct a student how to find out for himself what he requires. Give him a simple direction and let him do the rest himself."'

    Certainly I need to learn that when teaching. I don't teach shorthand, but I do teach various other things.

    As a result of Shorthand-learner's posts I've been reading a lot of JRG's stuff. Andrew Owen, you are correct: he was clearly learned on quite a number of subjects.

    Dr Gregg was only 20 or 21 when his system was published in 1888. Quite an accomplishment, I would have thought.

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