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I am currently in chapter 2 of Shorthand Manual Simplified.  I was wondering if there is appropriate reading material out somewhere (preferably graded by chapter of the Simplified Manual) that I can use to supplement the shorthand in the manual.

When I get to the point of writing I’d be happy to create some reading material for general use, but I’m not there yet.  This was one of the reasons I contemplated Anniversary, but in the end I found a manual for simplified and will make do.

There seems to be lots of dictation practice material, but I’d like to read interesting material beyond the letters in the manual.  It could be about shorthand or just news articles or a group like this one where the posts are in shorthand. 

Anything like that?

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(by Matthew for everyone)

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  1. Matthew, wish I could help. It's one of the reasons I'm learning Anniversary. Perhaps one of those with much experience will be online soon and can help.

    I somehow have in mind that there are some magazines with graded readings for Simplified, but I don't have more information.

  2. To be honest with you, the best reading material is available if you get a different edition of the book, and further, if you get the Functional Method version. Which manual are you using (regular or functional method) and what is the edition that you're using (first or second)?


  3. Another book you may want to try — though it is difficult to find — is the "Graded Drills in Gregg Shorthand Simplified", by A.E. Klein. It contains additional reading material and writing (dictation) drills, and it is arranged by lesson.

  4. Thanks I'll keep an eye out for this book.

    I am also contemplating buying an Anniversary manual. (I know I can get it online, but I like touching a real book.) I don't think I "need" Anniversary, but there is a lot of stuff to read in it.

    Is there a good point at which to cut over to Anniversary? I am using a functional method simplified manual and I'm just starting to write (ch 4).

  5. Thanks for the pointer. I made an offer for it.

    Your comments about switching are helpful. Seems like a good plan. At least I will keep heading in one direction. I actually find that there is some anniversary material that I can read. I need to guess on some words, but that would be true of most Simplified readings right now too, since I haven't learned all of the theory yet.

  6. is an awesome page. They're adding more books daily. I know they have "graded readings" for at least one edition, probably more. I also see they now have Speed Studies up.

    I had the local Staples print and Cerelox bind some of the books. It costs about the same as buying off, but is faster (unless the new staff doesn't realize they can copy copyrighted materials if I sign the right form — it's pretty much out of copyright anyways). The only problem is the size. Gregg is all about proportion rather than actual size, but if I have problems with an outline it's nice to be able to trace it.

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