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I have been searching for Gregg books in used book sites and the library and found a couple that are interesting and I wanted to ask if anyone knew about them.  (I am wondering whether to buy them sight unseen.)

There is a Gregg Shorthand Manual – Functional Method that has a publish date of 1936? (maybe 1939).  Are there Functional Method manuals for other than the Simplified version?  This would indicate it but I’ve found that used book store descriptions might be questionable.

Also in my library there is a book (checked out currently) listed as _ Gregg notehand [by] Louis A. Leslie [and others] Shorthand written by Charles Rader._ McGraw Hill 1968.  Is this just another name for DJS or is it a different creature?

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(by Matthew for everyone)

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  1. The functional method just refers to the way that the system is taught: minimal rules, start writing after substantial reading has been done. The functional method started with Anniversary, and continued for Simplified, DJS, and S90.

    Gregg notehand is a different animal from DJS — it is a simplification of Gregg shorthand geared towards note taking. The interesting thing about the books is that it presents note taking instruction, and also the shorthand selections are non-business related. It looks like DJS/S90, but with a substantial less number of brief forms, and in some cases, the brief forms are different from the ones we use.

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