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I found my old shorthand homework & books from high school and googled Gregg Shorthand just out of curiosity.  I won the Gregg Shorthand Award in 1967.  At my first job interview, I had to take shorthand notes and transcribe them.  Shortly after that, the boss switched to taping his notes and I never really had to use it again.  I’m glad to see there are still shorthand fans out there in the world.

(by Bev for everyone)

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  1. Thanks. It occurred to me that there were instances where I could really use my old sh skills if I dusted them off. I've been secretary/treasurer to a number of town and non-profit organizations over the years. Most people don't speak very fast and I've been able to write down the pertinent comments without resorting to sh, but it would certainly condense the size of my notes!

  2. I haven't been in to check my computer for a LONG time. Yikes! I had over 300 messages in my hotmail account. Which version…can't answer that right now. We had two Bulgarian students with us all summer and our house is chaotic at the moment. I had to move lots of stuff to empty two bedrooms and we're just moving things back. When I re-find the book, I'll be able to tell you. 🙂

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