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  1. I wish I could help you now, but I'm in between moves and almost all of my shorthand books are in storage for at least one more month. Hopefully someone will come to the rescue in the meantime. If not, I'll post some scans when I'm able to retrieve my books.

    You can also ask for an interlibrary loan.

  2. I just got a second edition book from my library. It looks like DJS with different brief forms. The notehand is all by Mr. Rader so it looks very familiar.

    I'll find a good page or two to scan and get a couple images up tomorrow – I hope.

  3. Yes. It looks like DJS, more like a "baby DJS", as it doesn't have the number of brief forms that DJS has. However, the book has good reading material. You could also start writing the passages in Simplified and post them here as well!

    The first edition of the book is similar to the second edition, with the difference that in the first edition, the study pointers occupy the first half of the book, and the brief form for work is written r – k as in Simplified (not u – k as in DJS).

  4. I received the 2nd edition of Gregg Notehand this afternoon. It's a beautiful copy. Had only time for a quick look at the volume but truthfully I don't care for the "reduction" in theory and discarding of many brief forms, however I applaud the effort of the authors in producing a practical course in note taking utilizing Gregg, personally admitting the system as presented is eminently teachable to students having no desire to become reporters or secretaries. It's a most interesting premise. I'm surprised Notehand did not enjoy greater and longer lasting success.

  5. Thanks for the scans. That was interesting. Since I had learned DJS I could read it pretty well (with a little struggle). Only 42 brief forms? That would make it just for taking notes or general use.
    I wouldn't mind "uk" for work as "rk" gets me mixed up with "kr" for car, which I use all the time at … well… work… 😉 So if I ever write "work on a car" then … well.. I think I've gotten better, but still. I've started writing Vehicle if I can help it "ve (disjoined) k", especially since we don't just have cars.

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