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Hi All,

So I am beginning to write Simplified shorthand.

Right now I am making copies of pages in the manual and just tracing the shapes that Mr. Rader wrote.  Just a way to try to get my hand to move this way.

I also have a steno book and have been doing some of the penmanship exercises from a series that was in the Gregg Writer.  I think I downloaded the PDF from one of the messages on this group.

It raises the question.  What do I do with the lines on the sheet?  I don’t have a teacher to demonstrate so I am at a loss.  None of the manuals I’ve seen include the lines.  Do I always start on the line?  Are the outlines always centered on the line?  Is is just a general reference so lines of outlines don’t droop?  Should I write single spaced or double spaced?  Some of the outlines will take up a lot of the lower line, do I just leave some space?

There are a ton of questions, sorry.  As always any help is great and don’t assume I know anything – I don’t :-).

(by Matthew for everyone)

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  1. Gregg short forms don't depend on the position of the lines. The lines are there to help you write straight. The most basic advice I can give I guess is just concentrate on keeping your characters mostly between the lines. You'll notice that certain forms almost always protrude above or below one of the lines. Keeping that in mind, it should help you get an idea where you should start each new character.

  2. Carlos – Sorry to be a pest…. but… in your reply to Matthew, you gave links to 2 posts about how to write in a steno notebook. Since they were posts on another board, the links don't work. I have donwloaded several articles about penmanship. Do you happen to remember which articles/pdf files these are? As always… thank you !! Susan a.k.a The Pest 🙂

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