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Because I found the teacher’s manual I had to the “Functional Method” and I would really like to learn this thoroughly, I got the crazy idea to start a message board with assignments on them.
So because I was bored and thought it would help me more, I started one at ProBoards.  I decided to use both the Functional Method and Anniversary manuals because the Anniversary one is scanned on line as a free PDF.  And both can help me out.  I figure and Assignment a week for Functional Method or 2 weeks for a Unit in the Anniversary book.  I believe the Functional Method was a 2 year course anyway (read it here, I believe).
I don’t have much there yet. and I’ll link this board (oh, that’s what I need, a links page)
Here it is if you’d like to check it out.  I’ll only be posting assignments as I get to them myself.  But I suppose others could be posted by “class” members.

(by Deborah for everyone)

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  1. I'm going to keep the lessons "open", so you can sign up or join at any time. Even if I post Assignment 40, you can start on Assignment 1. I'm just going to post them after I do them so I can help any who might be at the same spot as I am. But just one assignment a week (the Anniversary little manual Unit every 2 weeks because they have more theory).

  2. Yep, after many, many, many flips (whenever I hit a roadblock or something I disagreed with — even tried [whispers] Pitman and Teeline — which partly explains why it's taking so long to finish one version. Hence, no more flips. The Anni explanations often help me review and understand Simplified. Also, much of the advice is good for all versions.

    Also, you can copy or rewrite whatever you like from here:
    Instructions on how to change the speed of a file. Much nicer than text-to-speech, and can be used to slow down any type of sound file.


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