How to download only a part of a book at Google?

I would like to save the shorthand parts of some of the books on Google, rather than downloading whole books.

If you know how to do this, could you please post the steps?
Thanks very much.

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  1. I have tried to download a whole google book available to preview, and succeed, basically not so time-consuming.

    Obviously, you can use this method to download just part of a book.

    1). you should use firefox navigator, install Greasemonkey add-on to it, open the preview page of the google book you want try this trick on, this add-on will give the all download(png image format) link of pages available for your preview. Usually a 2/3 of the pages of the book will be available for preview, and thus listed by this add-on with downloading image links.

    2). You may download manually those exhibited images link, or use an firefox add-on like DownThemAll.

    3). Of the image links you should download no more than one at the same time, or Google will block you ip very quickly. And actually it will do so even you download one at the same time, but sometime later, when you have already downloaded some. To continue to be able to download,either you waited one or two days, either you need to change you ip, emptying your navigator cookies, and change google book server, like from to

    This has been so far the most convenient and feasible way I've found. I would like to hear others' alternative.

    By the way, you can use tons of software to convert massive images into pdf, one of them is Adobe Acrobat.

    Hope to be useful to you!

    J. W.

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