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  1. Hi Chuck!
    Thanks for your comments.
    My Gregg dictionary shows "inclusión" as N-K, I'll keep it in mind… like "encontrar" (N-K).
    Thanks God, I live in the north of Chile, near to Peru, and the earthquake was in center and southern regions.
    Did you notice how I write "chileno"?

  2. I'm relieved that you're doing well!

    Yes, "inclusión" is one of those words I don't write according to rule, :-). I usually write even more abbreviated than theory, especially when dealing with verb tenses.

    That's a nifty abbreviation for Chile — I had to read the transcript for "chern", :-).

  3. Impressive demonstration of the powerful use of Dr. Gregg's method … the Spanish adaptation of the system is excellent. I wish there were the same wealth of drill and practice material available that can be found for English Anniversary and pre-Anniversary versions.

  4. Apparently there's not enough material of Pre-Ann and Anniv versions in Spanish. Even, Simplified isn't too much known. But, I know Diamond and Serie90 versions had more practice material. Maybe, because Gregg shorthand had to become popular in Spanish speaker countries, fighting against other systems, such as Pitman and Marti.

  5. Marti was the first shorthand system taught in Chile. Mainly, when Grace company settled in Valparaiso (the first national port), they brought clerks who practised Pitman. So, when secretary schools began to give shorthand classes they hired a Grace's employee, so students could learn Pitman shorthand in both languages. Right now, I don't remember well, but I read that a "Martinian" teacher refused to teach Pitman, because the latter wasn't originally created for Spanish, and this change was due to only for a "supply and demand" issue.

  6. Hi, everybody:

    I have some question concerning Gregg for Spanish.

    (Maybe it isn't so coherent to ask those question here, the thing is that my membership approval is still pending, I can't initiate a new post, so please forgive my inappropriateness).

    I am trying to learn Gregg for Spanish, but I haven't be able to find materials that deals with Gregg for Spanish.

    For example, which version of Gregg have been transplanted for Spanish? How the Spanish vocals are represented? And what abbreviated forms there are? etc..

    Do you know or could you share some materials available in Internet?
    Many thanks in advance!


  7. I can help you with that. The official versions of Gregg Shorthand in Spanish (Taquigrafia Gregg) parallel those in English: Anniversary (Edición Aniversaria), Simplified (Edición Simplificada), Diamond Jubilee (Edición Diamante), Series 90 (Serie 90), and Centennial (Edición Centenaria). Unlike English, Series 90 and Centennial series in Spanish are exactly the same with respect to theory, but the presentation is slighly different. In general, Materials in the internet are scarce, largely because these editions (including the Anniversary) are still under copyright and also they are hard to find. They appear once in a while in eBay. If you're interested, send me a personal message and I'll see what I can do. By the way, do you know Gregg shorthand in English? Also, what is your goal of learning shorthand? That would help me make a recommendation for you.

    Also, I have approved your membership, so you can add new posts.

    Welcome to the group!

  8. Thank you mcbud for your prompt reply, your approval to my membership, and your friendly massage!

    As you said, the principles of English Gregg and Spanish Gregg are quite the same, the presentationes of each may differ, of which those shorted forms of most-used Spanish words interest me a lot!

    As my status in terms of Gregg, I consider myself as a novice, I have flipped ebook of Anniversary Version that I've download from http://gregg.angelfishy.net
    and been slightly intimidated by the many rules and short forms implicated in the version. Yet as I have read commentaries in Internet this version could be the most promising one for those who wish a good speed, so I still entertain some sympathy with it. I would like give a try to this version when I have time.

    My goal of learning Gregg is to make quick note in discourse, and write things in a relatively privacy-friendly way, in both English and Spanish.

    For time being, the Spanish shorthand is comparatively more imperative to me. So I would like first tackle the Spanish Version.

    I will leave you a private message to give more account of the deal.

    Thanks a lot!

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