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  1. John has been MIA for some time. In fact, he has not posted here. I've tried contacting him several times, but his email bounced. Another person I miss is Tyler and his hilarious posts. I wonder if he's still in the Army.

  2. Hi, all. This is Erik from way back when 🙂 I'm still around, though very, very intermittently. I haven't written much shorthand these days since Gregg got me into machine shorthand then into court reporting then closed captioning, which I'm doing full-time now. But my heart still belongs to Gregg, which put me on this path all those years ago 🙂 Maybe it's time to dust off my Simplified manual and start writing again!
    I'd love to hear from John as well since he mailed me my first shorthand notebook way back when! Last I remember is a letter from 3+ years ago about swimming with dolphins.

  3. Hi, all. 🙂 I took a long break from my shorthand-learning adventure and decided to come here to read the posts. Looks as though I'm not the only one who hasn't been posting here. I couldn't find my password, nor remember which email address I'd used before. My previous user-name was Shorthand-Learner.

    When I click on "What's New", the Shorthand group page disappears and some generic Multiply page shows up.

    Hope you all are well. 🙂

  4. Welcome back shorthand-learner!

    Every summer I do some "spring cleaning" on the member lists, and delete members that haven't either lurked or posted in over a year. I think you haven't posted in a long time, so that's why you couldn't get in.

    I have approved your new handle "learningshorthand". In your old posts, you used "anniversarygregg" for your Multiply ID. That may give you a clue as to how to get in. If you decide to go back to your old ID, just rejoin the group under that name and I'll approve it.

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