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  1. Nice, neat, compact machine.

    I've got an ION turn table which connects to my computer. When I produce my site's monthly dictation, I record the material on cassette and then connect a small cassette player to the turn table and then into the computer. Of course, I also slow down the dictation and speed it up using software.

  2. Most mp3 players, even the cheap ones, will record directly to computer format — the exact format depends on the player, but it will be one of the standard ones. When plugged into your computer they look like an external hard drive. That would save you having to connect the cassette deck through the turntable to the computer. The transfer also happens faster — you don't have to play the cassette.

    Meanwhile, I should make noises about ION equipment to my SO, to deal with the boxes of vinyl and cassettes in the basement.

  3. I bought a little portable gizmo for the cassettes that connects directly to my laptop. So I can transfer stuff in the background while I'm working, and don't need to be near the stereo. Check out Ion Tape Express.

    The big reels are going to be more complicated, because I need to connect the reel-to-reel player to my PC.

  4. Reel 15 has been posted.

    A word of caution: if you see that I started posting a reel, but have not made an announcement, do not listen to the tracks. Wait until I have made the announcement that the posting for a particular reel is complete. If not, you will be surprised, as tracks may disappear unexpectedly.

  5. This morning I finally began to use the tapes Carlos has posted. What a pleasure to have dictation like this available once again — clearly spoken at a reasonable rate of speed. I was not disappointed to find that I fell behind at 100 wpm but picked up speed with the repeated dictations of the same material. It's been 50 years since I had intensive practice of this type. If I do this daily for half an hour or so, i'm sure my speed capabilities will come back. A hearty thanks to Carlos for making this material available.

    1. Unfortunately no since we moved to Blogger. These are humongous files, and since Blogger doesn't provide storage space and since the free space in Google Docs is limited, I haven't made these available. I'm studying various solutions. Among those is making those recordings available through Soundcloud. The only issue is that since the files are big (each file is 30 minutes long), their free subscription account won't be sufficient to handle all of the files, so I would need to subscribe to their professional unlimited account, which has a yearly fee.

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