Question about a name outline

Does anyone have Part 2 of “Gregg Shorthand for the Electronic Office, Short Course, Series 90”? 
On page 10.50 there is a letter that starts out “Dear Mr. [name]”, and the name looks like “oo-o-t-e-s”.  Or possibly “k-o-t-e-s” . . . the proportion is a little off.  I’m sure I’m having some kind of mental block, but I can’t get a likely name out of this outline. 
If anyone has the book and can enlighten me, let me know.  I don’t have the student’s transcript, unfortunately.

(by Lee for
group greggshorthand)

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  1. Of course. Cortez. I mistakenly thought Series 90 had not included the word ending -ort (o-t). It didn't help that the outline is written a little strangely–the final s could even be read as an -x. (I briefly thought "Mr. Kotex?" but obviously that isn't right.)

    Cortez it is. Thanks.

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