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Okay…how many of us Gregg writers in here are also Esperanto speakers?  Esperanto (the international language) has a Gregg version which Andrew Owen has in full on his site (, and I was wondering if anybody has learned the system and can actually use it.  I’d enjoy corresponding with someone in Esperanto Gregg, just for fun, though the system designed for Esperanto predates the Gregg version I’m studying.  Still, it looks very do-able.  Any Esperantists on here who’d like to combine their Gregg shorthand with their Esperanto and have a go at a letter exchange?

(by Troy for group greggshorthand)

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  1. Just to throw it out there that I'm an Esperanto speaker as well, but my head is so full of shorthand from being a captioner and having Gregg as a hobby that I'm not sure I could learn more at the moment! Though is it just a few new principles and briefs or what?

    I've also always found it interesting how many Gregg writers know about or even speak Esperanto as well.

  2. Duckfiasco: Saluton Samideano! Look on Andrew Owen's site—he's got the Gregg manuel for Esperanto users up-loaded in its entirety. I think we Gregg writers (especially self-taught) just tend to be word and language people. I'm also fluent in Spanish and use sign language. I think we also tend to be autodidacts–meaning we like to study and teach ourselves new skills.

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