Shorthand in Wall Street Journal

Ms. Letha made the cover of the Wall Street Journal this morning. Congrats to her! I thought it was fun to see. I wonder how many people this may flush out with hidden skills in Shorthand. I was interested, for example, in the comments that there is an area in India known for retired shorthand folks (probably Pittman mostly).

Now if we could just bridge the gap for all those folks between classic shorthand skills and the latest social networking tools, we might see an interesting resurgence of the art.

Here’s to another 15 minutes of fame for Gregg.

(by Derek for group greggshorthand)

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  1. Thanks for bringing the article to our group attention. The author might have researched his statements about different versions of Gregg more carefully but perhaps he was unable to take accurate longhand notes. LOL. Ms. Letha is doing a great job in reawakening the public's interest in Gregg. Now if we could only interest Apple's Mr. Job in producing an iGregg!

  2. I've actually been thinking about that since the iPhone first came out.

    What would we want it to do? I have lots of ideas. I've even thought of automatic transcription. It is all a little out of my normal area. I've contemplated branching out though. 🙂

    Unfortunately, handwriting recognition has really been a bust. But the idea of an entry mode were you could enter at 150 wpm while standing or sitting in a audience is really attractive.

  3. For starters, I think it would be great if there was a app that would simply let you write shorthand and then generate printed text from it. It wouldn't even have to be in real time. I've been thinking about this for a while. I think the program should be entirely open source, perhaps utilizing work that has already been carried out. I've actually meant to bring this up on these forums to see if anybody wanted to pool resources and see if we could actually hire some bright young programers. For the first time in years shorthand makes more sense now than it ever did, given society's increasing reliance on mobile devices. Typing on the iPhone and iPad is awkward at best. Nobody has come up with a decent solution for rapidly entering text on either of these devices. Now Android is taking off. There's never been a better time for something like this.

  4. They keep telling me that my son won't need to have decent handwriting. Everyone uses small computers. Perhaps in Teacher-school, but as an engineer I can't see how I could have taken notes in most courses without being decent with pen and paper. Too many sketches, graphs, diagrams and nasty math formulae. At top speed when your lab team is discussing how to do something.

  5. Congrats to Ms. Letha! I saw this article through facebook. Wall Street Journal, man! I am pretty sure that is her handwriting in that example in the article. It is great to see that she is doing well with her shorthand passion.

  6. Pity that the full article seems to have disappeared! At least, I can only see a brief summary at that URL (the first two-and-a-half paragraphs, trailing off with “her husband and eight…”; and no picture).

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