Additions to the website

What additional things would you like to see more on the website?

Dictation practice at low speeds (less than 80 wpm).


Dictation practice at intermediate speeds (80-120 wpm).


Dictation practice at fast speeds (130-150 wpm).


Dictation practice at expert speeds (greater than 150 wpm).


Reading material in shorthand.


Printed dictation passages, counted in groups of standard words.


Word construction drills (including brief form & derivatives).


Phrasing drills.


Expert shortcuts and specialized vocabulary.


Penmanship drills.


As you have noticed, I’m starting to make available dictation files for practice. As I’m doing that, I realize that there may be other things that you would like to see on the website. Some would like more reading material, others more dictation files, etc. For that reason, I’m posting this poll.

I realize that you can only vote for one thing (that’s a Multiply restriction). Vote for what you consider to be your top choice. If there are additional things from the list that you would like to see, or if there is something I did not include in the survey, please let me know in the comments.

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  1. Had to pick one. Wished there was an "all of the above option" 😀

    Some other things I'd like to see are:
    – Keys to the reading exercises in the manuals.
    – Recommended schedules for learning (when should I study/practice what?) Since we're all self coached here, It be nice to collect some of these best practices for learning the subject. Kind of like Swem's essay, but for beginners on up.
    – More reading material is always great.

  2. Keys to reading exercises. Dictation files at all speeds. (I can help with Simplified — my book has transcriptions for all but the review appendices, and Audacity does a decent job of speed-changing. Quality is good enough for studying, but not saleable.)

    Beginners' guidelines, including chart of target speed / lesson (or fraction of book covered) and how clean a take is good enough to move on.

  3. I think you're referring to some teaching lesson plan for the beginner's books.

    Also, the transcript is in the back of the book in the functional method manuals. It would be helpful if you also say which manual you're using so that we can try to find the transcript.

  4. Thanks. The tags are great, once I figured out how to use them! In the future, I will probably add a tag cloud so that people can search messages by a specific tag.

    Also, I'm hoping to find some S90 and Centennial-specific material, other than what it is in the books. The good thing though is that since these are so similar to DJS, people can read the DJS material with little difficulty. If anyone in the group has old issues of Today's Secretary that are willing to scan, that would help a lot!

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