Online Shorthand Course for Young Students.

I’ve just launched a new and free course of shorthand on my website: an online SHORTHAND COURSE FOR YOUNG STUDENTS.  That is a new version of the normal course, all adapted in order to make it suitable for young people – designed for self-study.  It provides comprehensive coverage in simple language for young learners.  Additional exercises and tests have been added, following the style and the way young people use to talk – including slangs.  I guess that is the correct way to teach shorthand to them nowadays as well as the appropriate method to attrack young people to shorthand.  A modern methodology in teaching shorthand should cause great interest, excitement!  The student should take pleasure in its study.  Lots of colourful images and photos have been used as well as background music.
Of course I would be very pleased and thankful for new ideas!

1) The course:

2) At the end of every lesson, there are many colourful images:

3) Exercises using Power Point (with CLIPARTS AND BACKGROUND MUSIC) – When the student does’t know the meaning of a word, he can see the meaning of it by clicking on the Interrogation Mark.

(by Waldir for group greggshorthand)

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