Gregg Shorthand Review Letters

This collection of ten letters is designed to review all brief forms, abbreviated forms, and word beginnings and endings. The material is counted in groups of 20 standard words for dictation. The previews are written in Anniversary, but they are suitable for all series.

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  1. How did this work? Are the outlines on the left only of the italicized words? Was the teacher supposed to review those first and then read the entire letter for dictation?

    This looks really useful…. once I have finished all the theory.

    In any case, I have saved it to look at again once I can read it 🙂

    1. Correct. When learning to take dictation and improving speed, it is always recommended to present a preview of the words that the passage will have, so that the student's fear of not being able to write down the words is allayed. In other words, "cold" dictation without a vocabulary preview is discouraged in the learning period. The student will hopefully avoid hesitation in writing by doing that and improve speed.

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