Attention: DJS, Series 90, and Centennial Writers

If you write DJS, Series 90, or Centennial and visit this site frequently, could you please reply to this post and let me know which series do you write, or if a newbie to shorthand, which of those series are you learning? I’m gathering reading material (other than the boring business letters) and drills specifically for these versions, and would like to know if there is demand for it. If not, I will concentrate on Simplified and earlier series, for which material is much more available.

Also, are there any Gregg Notehand writers here?

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    1. Notehand appeared pretty much as shorthand was winding down. It was taught in my high school (I graduated in 1970), but only briefly. And I'm not even sure any of the shorthand magazines were still being printed then.

    2. McGraw-Hill continued to publish Today's Secretary until 1982. I don't know if they ever published any articles in Notehand. Several libraries hold the entire collection on microfilm according to Worldcat, I suppose a determined researcher could scan the 1960s editions and see if they have any Notehand articles in them.

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