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Dear group members,

as a newcomer to this wonderfully useful group and an absolute beginner in studying the system of Gregg Shorthand, I need to ask you a relatively simple question which, however, causes me trouble since I still haven’t been able to come up with a satisfactory answer. I am now studying the Anniversary version of Gregg, combining exercises in the main manual with those of the ‘Fundamental Drills’ book of the same Anniversary edition. Unfortunately, I have recently stumbled upon a group of signs which I simply can’t figure out. They are attached to this message as a snapshot from the book, with the troublesome signs circled in red. I would be extremely grateful for the help of any kind.

Respectfully, Gleb Chebrikoff

(by Gleb for group greggshorthand)

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  1. The outline phrase for "did not" is given in the Anniversary Manual, Ch. 4, Unit 12, Sec. 108 on page 58. However, the Manual doesn't always give the full explanation for why a peculiar form is offered.

    For this case we can consult the Functional Method, Vol. 1, Assignment 4:
    22. Phrase Drill. A circle is inserted in did not to make a ready distinction between that phrase and would not.

  2. Dear Philip and Joel,

    many thanks for your detailed replies and valuable additional information. I haven't yet had a chance to consult the 'Functional Method', but it seems it's high time I did it. With your help, things are looking up for me.

    Respectfully, Gleb Chebrikoff

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