Group Cleanup

In the past few years, our group has increased considerably in size (yippee!). However, some users have never posted nor lurked in the site. For that reason, I will be cleaning up the roster from users that have not posted or read the postings for over a year. Not to worry: if your access is revoked and you still want access to the site, just reapply.

If you want to make sure to be counted, you can reply to this post. Anyway, I would know who has accessed the site.

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  1. Sorry to tag onto this thread, but I seem to be having a problem posting on the blog. I keep getting a message about no Java/CSS or something. I don't know what that means… below is what i was trying to post…. Cheers, Michael

    Can someone help me out with an outline on p. 101 of Gregg Speed Studies 3rd edition… it's about halfway down the page directly under "Ment". It's spelled "r k ai m". I can't decipher it. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Thanks Carlos… I'm in the process of moving and was working from another computer and trying to post. I'll try from my normal computer next time.

    "Requirement". Yes! I saw "acquirement" as I was browsing my dictionary last night and proceeded to slap my forehead. Brief forms are actually part of the fun of learning shorthand. Once they're put to memory, they're "character" is "quite" unique.

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