Mad Men shorthand

My friend posted this on my facebook asking if I could read it. It’s a screen cap of Mad Men (TV show) and the guy is supposedly taking notes in shorthand. It looks like gibberish to me but I came up with (mind you I had been drinking a little):

did owing not charge [CHTR]
inform his [CHTR]
not attended/attained, mrs, [?] – [?]
future – 267, [???]
put in your position 5 [SHTNS]…
At which point I gave up and ruled it ‘stage shorthand.’
Can any of you manage to decipher more of it (or more accurately)?

(by Stan
for group greggshorthand)

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  1. I think it's stage shorthand. First, I see some characters that are repeated. The other give away is the amount of space that he leaves between the last word and the middle line, as if he were finishing a sentence. Also I can't see any periods. Lastly, who would write leaving a blank space between paragraphs? Is that the way he separates them?

    Do you have the original image? If so, I can post it here at high resolution and we could make more sense of it. You can send it to my email.

  2. I was contacted by MAD MEN about six months ago and they never followed up after three or four e-mail exchanges.

    At first they wanted someone who was already in LA who wrote [rapidly] a system of shorthand that would be used in 1964. Then they wanted me to write notes and leave off the last word but then I don't know what happened because the person who was supposed to follow up with me never did. And to think I was ready for my close-up!

    I'm guessing they just made up a system.

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