Gregg shorthand – Script phonography


Surfing on the Internet for my own research about the history of shorthand I found such a book:
It looks just like Gregg’s, but strokes/curves are matched to another consonants. But the rules, as just discussed circle rotation, look the same.
It was first published at 1885. So, it looks like J. R. Gregg was not the revolutionist, but evolutionist – in the great Open Source World of Shorthand – and finally won in the competition.

(by Krzysztof for group greggshorthand)

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  1. Thomas Malone and Script Phonography ring a bell.

    I believe they play prominently in the early parts of the Gregg biography. I believe Script is a creation of JR Gregg that he did as the junior partner to Malone. According to the biography Malone took the credit for it. Someone with the book handy should make sure I am not mis-remembering.

    The experience with Script was a trial run for Gregg. Since he didn't have complete control of the theory he had to allow for some things he didn't agree with. He also learned some valuable business and partnership lessons.

    After his experience with Malone, Gregg struck out on his own with Light Line Phonography. Malone actually took him to court for stealing the system (which really was stolen from him). Gregg was eventually vindicated I believe legally and "in posterity."

    Thanks for posting the link. This will be very interesting to look at.


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