OMG – a temp agency asks for Gregg Shorthand proficiency

While on youtube looking for Michael’s 140 wpm tablet PC Anny video, I found this strange video:
Which had the following caption: “From producer Gregg Shorthand….the premier video off the Secretaries debut album. Don’t be a Lazy Lover!!”
I had to google “producer Gregg Shorthand the Secretaries”. Angelfishy had first spot. Good work, Andrew.
Then I found this: which is an ad for secretaries requesting Gregg Shorthand at 50 to 120 wpm. Government job do you think?

(by sidhetaba for group greggshorthand)

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  1. Civilization doth yet live! I wonder where they'll find prospective candidates though, by this point. Rather than posting at some obscure recruiting site, they'd be better off checking in with us. 😉

  2. It would be nice if a lot of jobs did require shorthand. And maybe for government or civilian military jobs.
    It looks like their just trying to fill their pool of temp and/or permanent workers.
    It adds "is a plus" which means that if they find someone who doesn't know, they'll add them to that job title for possible employment.

  3. They're probably using an old job description that never got updated. It happens a lot.

    (Dad's boss once posted an ad for an expert in industrial lasers with 10 years experience, that being the experience needed for that job/salary level. There was a small problem: Lasers had only been used in industry for five years.)

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