“The Stenographer’s Friend” (???) – Edison moving picture from 1910

Here’s a short film about the “Ediphone” and how it helps out the poor, harried shorthand writer. Though many of us might question whether it proved to be “the stenographer’s friend” in the long run!

Direct link is www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMlToEdIv_M.

Incidentally, I have a good copy of The Stenographic Expert for Writers of Gregg Shorthand (1922), a wonderful volume which I plan to post here eventually. The author has a chapter on how to properly speak into the talking machine. (Evidently it was considered the stenographer’s friend for a while.) He also has several pointers for the shorthand reporter on how to keep our wax cylinders properly numbered and cataloged–in case any us of needs a good review on that.  😉


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  1. I wonder how the percentage of bosses who didn't set the machine correctly or put the cylinder in backwards or wrote over previously-used areas compares to the percentage who don't save before leaving the computer, or don't address the email correctly, or use an incompatible format today?

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