Speaking of Mr. Dupraw …

… here’s a small extract from an article in the May 1932 issue of the Gregg Writer, in which his style of writing is discussed. There is also a sample of his writing as well. His notes were taken from new matter dictated material.

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  1. I added a second article about Martin Dupraw, "Who's Who in Shorthand Speed", from the Gregg Writer, February 1936. It talks about his passion for tennis as well.

    I only included the first plate of the negligence case that he was taking from dictation at 300 wpm from Mr. Leslie. If there's interest, I can post the rest of the plates.

  2. As I've mentioned before, I had the pleasure of meeeting Mr. Dupraw when I was invited over to Mr. Leslie's for lunch in 1980 when I worked for McGraw-Hill. Both were wonderful to me and offered all sorts of advice. Mr. Dupraw showed up ready to play tennis, complete with racket in hand (which I thought was odd considering Mr. Leslie was in a wheel chair at that point).

    I got them both to autograph my mother's Anniversary Functional Method (volume 1) book, the book I originally learned from. Mr. Leslie wrote his note in S90 and Mr. Dupraw used pre-Anniversary.

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