Anniversary Transcription

There’s another people asking for transcription of some Anniversary shorthand written by her father.  The shorthand isn’t exactly neat; I’m having trouble reading some of it.
If you’re interested, please contact her at [email protected].  She’ll send you the page.

(by Marc for group greggshorthand)

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  1. No, it was probably hastily (and sloppily) written in pencil on a hand-held pad. Also odd that he wrote "1st" and "Prudential" rather than using shorthand outlines. This page reminded me of student days when we had to exchange pads after taking brief dictations and trying to read what a fellow classmate had written. LOL. This page demonstrates the IMPORTANCE of writing in PROPORTION if you hope to read it or pass it on to someone else to read after a long time period has elapsed.

  2. Good point, mcbud. That it was written in shorthand indicates that he was not interested in his peer group or family members knowing its content. Note that in 1939 a lot more guys knew and used shorthand than a couple of decades later. Since it was regarding a confidential matter, the letter writer may simply have been mentally drafting a proposed brief comment. I'd imagine the writer himself knew what he meant and would have no problem preparing a written letter from those notes. An interesting puzzle. This would be a great item to be provided as a clue in a modern mystery along the lines of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo wherein the vital clue is a shorthand note written in a system which was prevalent half a century earlier. (By the way, not to change the subject, but the mystery of that title was made into such an excellent Swedish film, I'm somewhat surprised that there's going to be a major American film adaptation of the novel.)

  3. It looks to have been written to be transcribed immediately after. To me, it is clearly a dictated letter, since it looks to begin with "Gentlemen" and ends with "Please give this matter your prompt attention." But it was hastily done with nothing to bear down on, and it appears to be on the back of a telegram.

  4. A tentative partial stab at it, line by line (! = idiosyncratic writing; ? = uncertain writing; (…) = phrase abbreviation element; ___ = no idea):

    "Gentlemen, (with)-reference(!)-(to) your-letter of April 1st I-have to
    advise that Mr.(?) __man(?) DID/WOULD(?)
    WILL-BE(?) many(?) more-than(?) Prudential
    gave-us(?) and I-hope(!?) that case has been settled.
    I ___ not as I-had been engaged
    in the M___ ___ matter(!)
    and another(!?) arrangement has-been ___
    made with Mr.(?) __man(?)
    that did/would brief(?) this/you in-my-attention. With
    many ___.
    Please give this matter(!)
    your prompt attention."

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