List of Computer Terms

I’m creating shortcuts for computer terms. I’m using this list as a reference, which is pretty comprehensive. If you have a term that would like to have a shortcut for, could you please let me know?

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  1. Carlos,

    That looks like a good list. There is a lot there. I probably wouldn't use them all, but I suspect that was always true of technical word lists.

    I'll keep looking at them with time. Here are some that aren't there that may be particular to me:

    Business Rule (-s)
    Data Warehouse (-s, -ing)
    Exception (-s)
    Information Architecture (IA)
    Information Systems (IS)
    Information Technology (IT)
    iPhone (funny had iPod and iTunes and even Android)
    Mobile Computing
    Quality Assurance (QA)
    Regression test (-s, -ing)
    Software Design
    Software Architecture

    Feel free to jettison any of those. Many of these can be replaced with something from the list and may have great shorthand equivalents already.

    Cool! I am looking forward to this!

    All the best,

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