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  1. Great work. I'm just starting out learning how to write GSH (yes, I put it off while focusing on reading and theory) and I liken it to comparing a 7-year-old's printing to Times New Roman! It makes me appreciate even more the talent of writers like W. Richmond. The main value of reading clear outlines is that an ideal form eventually imprints itself on the mind which I then strive to emulate the more writing exercises I do.

  2. I pretty much read everything that gets posted here, and I would appreciate penmanship posts. I've already detected something that needs work and that's my right curves, such as 'k', 'g', right th, and 'a' vowels written rightward. For some reason I find it easier doing the left curves. The good thing is that I immediately recognize a bad form, and I attribute that completely to my time spent diligently reading.

  3. If there is interest, I can create a penmanship section in the group. I have many articles from the Gregg Writer on elegant penmanship and practice passages from the "O.G.A.", the "Order of Gregg Artists", the section of the magazine devoted for penmanship practice. Each month, the Gregg Writer contained a passage (about one steno-notebook column length) that was posted for penmanship. The passages were written by Mrs. Richmond, Mrs. Ramsey, Mrs. Gregg, or Mrs. Ulrich, so you have very nice models to follow. In later issues, the magazine included a small transparency printed with practice words in red that you could place on top of your outlines so that you could see where you were going wrong in your slant and angles. (Nowadays you can print the selection in a transparency and do the same thing.) There are some nuances about the length of the characters and the joinings that are only learned when looking carefully at these samples.

    A suggested way to practice is to print the selection, paste it on the left column of your notebook, and use the right column to write the passage. Another suggestion is to have a steno notebook just for penmanship practice.

    Could you let me know if this is something worth doing?

  4. Also, the main value of learning to write clear outlines with good penmanship from the start is that since at fast speeds your notes will degrade, your notes will still be legible.

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