Tales From Shakespeare: Hamlet – 1915-1916 – Matches Pre-Anniversary 1902 Manual

This is the first Gregg Shorthand version of Hamlet written in Gregg Shorthand. This version was first published between July 1915 and July 1916 (Publishers’ Weekly American Educational Catalog). This printing is from 1919-1920, based on the Gregg Offices listed on the title page. The shorthand plates match the 1902 Pre-Anniversary Gregg Shorthand Manual. The English text version of this book is found in the chapter “Hamlet: Prince of Denmark” from “Tales of Shakespeare” by Charles and Mary Lamb. There is a later paperback version of this book with a green cover (circa 1931) with Gregg Shorthand plates that matched the 1929 Anniversary Gregg Shorthand Manual.
Here is a link to a public domain version of the English text:
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  1. This book is mentioned in a March 1916 printing of the 1902 Gregg Manual. The 1916 Manual was published June 1916. The Brief Forms List (Word Signs) for in the 1902 Gregg Manual was changed significantly for the 1916 Manual. Several brief forms (word signs) were added. A few were changed. One way to tell the difference between a book matching the 1902 Manual vs. the 1916 Manual:
    The brief form for "believe" was "ble" for the 1902 Manual and "be" for the 1916 manual.
    I am certain that there were only two sets of shorthand plates for Hamlet:
    –1915/1916 Matching the 1902 Manual – 41 pages
    –Circa 1931 with the typical Green Anniversary text book cover
    If anyone has a different version of Hamlet in Gregg Shorthand with different plates, please post.

  2. Now I know why there are unreadable ePub versions of Gregg Shorthand books on the Internet Archive web site. After I created the page to download the 1915/1916 Gregg Hamlet book, I discovered that ePub and other versions were automatically generated. I had no say in that. That is done for every book. The Gregg Shorthand ePubs are mostly garbage.

  3. "1915-1916" in the title for my original posting about Hamlet was based on my knowledge that this version of Hamlet was published after July 1915, but before the new 1916 Gregg Shorthand Manual came out in June 1916.

    The July 1916 Publishers Weekly Gregg book list includes Hamlet with a symbol next to it. The symbol means that the title came out after the July 1915 Publishers Weekly Gregg book list was published. This was a yearly list.

    I have a copy of the 1902 Gregg Shorthand manual that was printed after March 1916. There is a picture of the Gregg Writer cover from March 1916 in the back of this 1902 Gregg Shorthand Manual. The book list in the back of this late printing of the 1902 Gregg Shorthand Manual lists the Hamlet title.

    The shorthand in this copy of Hamlet indicates that it came out BEFORE the 1916 Gregg Manual was published in June 1916. So the first Gregg version of Hamlet that I have found matches the 1902 Gregg Shorthand Manual. It was published shortly before the 1916 Gregg Manual came out.

  4. It seems like there were several minor and major changes to the 1902 Gregg Shorthand Manual between 1902 and 1916.

    I have several different printings of the 1902 Gregg Shorthand manual. Many of them have the year of publication printed at the bottom of the title page. The latest 1902 manual that I have has a cover of the Gregg Writer from March 1916 in the back section. That printing of the 1902 Manual had to be from March 1916 or later. There were a few late changes in that version that were found in the 1916 manual that came out in June 1916.

    I have printings of the 1902 Manual from 1904, 1906, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1912, and early 1916.

    The plates for the "Complete List of Word Signs" starting on Page 51, are identical from 1904 through 1908.

    In 1909, the word sign plates where changed and 28 new word signs were added:
    balance, bill, capital, copy, definite, duplicate, find, freight, future, gave, house, jury, length, liberty, long, mortgage, opinion, part, point/appoint, poor, remark, report, significant, small, suggestion, upon, vowel, went.

    The new 1909 word sign list also changed the English words for some existing word signs:
    –keep was changed to company/keep
    –government was changed to govern/government
    –satisfactory was changed to satisfy/satisfactory
    –respect/respectfully was changed to respect/respectful/respectfully

    The 1910 word sign list plates were similar to the 1909 plates, except for the following:
    –and/hand/end was changed to and/end

    Sometime between 1911 and 1912:
    –God was changed From "G" with a capital marking to "gd" with no capital marking

    The word sign list plates remained the same from 1912 to 1916.

  5. Thanks for the clarification Paul.

    I was referring to the name given on the uploaded file, which seemed to indicate the 1916 Manual. Hence, my confusion. 🙂

    The additional info you provided on the 1902 revision(s) is quite fascinating! Seems Dr. Gregg was never idle for a minute.

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