Gregg Writer 1918-1919

If anyone has copies of the Gregg Writer for January 1918 through August 1919, I need your help.  Please scan the Table of Contents page toward the front of those magazines and post them. 

I’m trying to establish what month the Gregg Publishing Company Boston Office was opened.  This helps to determine the dates of certain Gregg books that have no copyright or publication dates.

Please note that the Boston Office is listed on the attached table of contents page for the Gregg Writer Sept 1919.  I am trying to find out the date of the Gregg Writer issue in late 1918 or 1919 when the Boston Office is listed for the first time.

Thanks in advance.

Attachment: 9-1919GreggWriterCopyrightPage.pdf

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  1. Here is what I know about openings of Gregg Publishing Company Offices. This will help you identify dates when certain Gregg books were published:

    –1896 – Chicago Office opened
    –1908 – New York Office opened and became the headquarters
    –1912 – San Francisco Office opened
    –1913 – Liverpool Office opened around July. It was replaced by the London Office in December 1920
    –1919 – Boston Office opened in May
    –1920 – London Office opened around December replacing the Liverpool Office.
    –1927 – Toronto Office opened around October.
    –1931 – Sydney, Australia, Office opened in January 1931. Closed December 1942.
    –1944 – Dallas Office opened in November.

  2. I just ordered some issues of the Gregg Writer online from 1911 and 1912. Hopefully, I can find out exactly when the SF Office opened. With the lack of copyright dates on most Gregg Shorthand textbooks and novels, it is very helpful to know when these offices were opened and closed. This helps to date these books.

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