Gregg’s Shorthand Reading Book – 1900 – Matches the 1898 Gregg Shorthand Manual

Here is the Gregg’s Shorthand Reading Book, which was published in 1900.  It matches the 1898 Gregg Shorthand Manual.  The shorthand plates are very crude.  They were probably written by John Gregg.  There is an English text key for each reading selection.

Attachment: GreggsShorthandReadingBook1900.pdf

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  1. At this point, PDF copies of all of the major pre-Anniversary Gregg Shorthand Novels are now available. The ones I have not posted here were scanned and uploaded by libraries and are available on the Internet Archives:

    The Internet Archive has:
    –Alice in Wonderland
    –Letters From a Self-Made Merchant to His Son (1st & 2nd editions)
    –The Great Stone Face (1st edition)
    –Rip Van Winkle (1st edition)

  2. Wow! Great resource!

    I'd like to suggest one addition: Have a duplicate basket for the eggs. is as fallible as any other large site. It can be hacked or its funding cut. Not likely, but possible.

    Keeping an electronic copy of everything at home (or two homes) is reasonably simple, now that the hard work of scanning is done. That way, nothing will be lost if one basket breaks.

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