Gregg Writer 1941-1943

If anyone has copies of the Gregg Writer for September 1941 through June 1943, I need your help.  Please look at the Table of Contents Page (i or ii) toward the front of those magazines that lists the Gregg Publishing Company Offices at the bottom.

I’m trying to establish what month the Gregg Publishing Company Sydney, Australia, Office was closed.  I know that it was sometime between June 1941 and September 1943.  This helps to determine the dates of certain Gregg books that have no copyright or publication dates.

I’m trying to find the first issue of the Gregg Writer from September 1941 through June 1943 that does NOT list the Sydney Australia Office.  I’m also trying to find the last issue during that period that lists the Sydney Australia Office.

Thanks in advance.

(by Paul for
group greggshorthand)


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