Creeds of Great Business Men – 1913 – English Text Version

Here is the English text version of Creeds of Great Business Men.  The English text version will be helpful for those who are struggling to read the 1918 Pre-Anniversary or circa 1931 Anniversary Gregg Shorthand version. 

I am posting it because it is long out of print.  It appears that no library has scanned it.  I have not been able to locate a PDF version online for this Public Domain book.  You cannot buy it as an eBook, as you can for Letters From a Self-Made Merchant to His Son from Barnes and Noble. 

Creeds of Great Business Men was originally published in English in 1913 by the International Harvester Company.  Two versions were later published in Gregg Shorthand.  The first Gregg Shorthand version of Creeds of Great Business Men was published in 1918 and matches the 1916 Pre-Anniversary Gregg Shorthand Manual. The second version (circa 1931) with shorthand plates by Winifred Kenna Richmond matches the 1929 Anniversary Gregg Shorthand Manual. The Gregg Publishing Company also published an English text reprint version of this book.

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  1. Paul, thanks very much for all the material you've made available here, and for the top-notch research. This volume was especially appreciated. (Your descriptive verb "struggling" accurately described my initial efforts through the Anni version.)

  2. One of the big challenges of reading some of these shorthand books is that the English is archaic. Rip Van Winkle (1819) and Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1820) have many, many words that I have never heard of before. I still cannot find a translation of The Diamond Necklace that matches the Gregg version. The original was written in French. There are probably dozens of English translations for that book.

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