When Did the Gregg Writer Become Today’s Secretary?

Does anyone know when the Gregg Writer magazine was discontinued and Today’s Secretary was started.  I thought that the Gregg Writer was stopped in 1949.  But I have an issue from Oct 1949 of the Gregg Writer for Volume 52, which indicates that this volume continued through June 1950.

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  1. I, too, was wondering when GW was discontinued and TS began. When I took the shorthand courses in high school (starting in 1958) we used the Simplified Functional Manual for first semester but the Anniversary books were still buried in our school storehouse. Knowing the way our education system functioned regarding purchase of new books, I'd assume Anniversary was taught until 1952 or 1953. Although I subscribed to Today's Secretary, I felt the shorthand material (in comparison to Gregg Writer) was lacking and the articles were not very interesting. Someone must hold early issues of Today's Secretary and from the volume number should be able to tell which year it started.

  2. I actually have the June, 1950 issue, so it definitely lasted that long. I don't have anything after that date. I just thumbed through the issue, and there's no announcement about it being the last one, or a change in title or format. The earliest "Today's Secretary" I have is September, 1951–I just have a few random copies of that publication.

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