Check my photos of 19th cent. shorthand on sketches by British artist James Ward

I haven’t posted here often so I’m not sure how this works, but I did put up some images.

(by Bev for group greggshorthand)

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  1. Can anyone give me instructions for posting photos? I put up an album in Images of a sketch I saw in Atlanta by a 19th century artist. There was a lot of text in the corner in shorthand and I couldn't read it so I wanted to show it here.

  2. Among the popular systems in existence while the artist was alive were Taylor, Lewis, Mavor, and Gurney. It is neither Gurney nor Lewis. I thought it was Taylor shorthand, based on its similarity and popularity at the time. But the loops at the end of those words are not typical of Taylor. I wanted to verify if it was Mavor's system, but there are no Google scans of his system.

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