Question about Recording for Dictation — varying speed within a passage

I did more recording today. Changing the files to get different speeds is a project for another day.

Speaking at the correct speed is not easy.

If my target speed is 60wpm, I mark it in 10 word sections (14 syllables, which agrees with the 20-word marks in the text).

However, even when I watch the clock and keep strictly to 1 word per second, it rapidly gets out of sync with the word markings.

How annoying would it be if I went a bit faster, maybe up to 100wpm, for maybe 7 words, then slow for 3, and maybe even paused, to hit the 10-second marks? Deviate slightly to keep phrases together. I think going fast and then slow is better than slow and then fast.

Would this change when I record the higher speeds?

In other news, a Cepstral voice for private use is a reasonable price, but the licensing for publishing recordings is expensive, and doesn’t look like it covers publishing on the internet.

Cricket for everyone)


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  1. When I made some recordings for my own use a long time ago, I struggled with a similar problem at the lowest speeds.

    Also, it kind of destroys the phrasing that makes things easier (I find) to remember what you're writing.

    So in the end, I settled on something similar to what you said: a bit faster and then pause (or slow down) so that the *average* rate is equal to the target rate. (I marked up the text every so many words and looked at a stop watch.)

    (If anyone is interested in my recordings, they're welcome to them if I can find them, but they're (a) in German and (b) from a religious magazine, so perhaps not everyone's cup of tea. Since most of my notes were taken during church services. I also have recorded myself with the dictation practices from my learning materials – also in German.)

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